Mar 24, 2012

Just for fun poem

I think my favorite poetry portrays unusual images for the sky, whether it's the sun, stars, clouds, etc. I finally decided to give it a go.

Nature's Hunger

Sweet, honey-drop sun
Devoured hungrily by black bear clouds
He smears his golden feast
As he licks the sweet sky clean
His ravenous stomach rumbles
In his careful search for more
Something to satisfy his hunger
Something to ease his roar
In growing anger he bellows
Gnashing his silvery teeth
Scraping his fiery claws
And shredding the sky to rags
Lunar drops pour down
Satisfying the hunger of the beast
He rolls around in pleasure
As he devours his luminous feast
He yawns in great pleasure
And sharpens his massive claws
Snarling with content
As he slowly lumbers off…
Tracking sticky prints across the tired sky.


  1. Love the Poem. You can picture the whole event. Great job Kim. You are very creative and your words play nicely together. So glad you are sharing them with us.

    1. Thanks, Sandy! Glad you liked it! Funny thing about it is that it took me several days to come up with just the right images before I sat down to write it.