Mar 17, 2012

2 New ABC Poems

Late last night, as I sat in the dark nursing Caleb, my mind couldn't resist the temptation of writing yet another ABC poem. After I was satisfied with the result, I climbed back into bed. Unfortunately, with my mind charged from the challenge, I couldn't help but plan out another one. I fell asleep with a second poem in my head, only to awake several hours later to unconsciously finish it was as if I had missed those precious few hours of sleep to satisfy my craving for poetry. This was definitely a good challenge...that I unfortunately became obsessed with. It feels good to exercise my mind creatively again.

Quiet Sky

A beautiful cloud
From God's handiwork
It's jealous kin -
Lumbering Moon -
Navigating on prismatic,
Reflective sails
The universe veils
Wry x-pansions
Yielding zodiacs.

Fall Breeze

Burnt colors drop
Earth's fragile grandeur halted
Its jittering keepsakes lost
'Midst nocturne overtures
Painted quakes, rustling
Stormy trees undressed
Visitor - Winter - x-pected
Yawning zeal.