Mar 16, 2012

Poetry Exercises

Remember how I want to try exercising my creativity? After reading hundreds of poems daily (and feeling very jealous that these kids have SUCH amazing talents), I have really wanted to try to write some of the things that they are writing. My job at Creative Communication has really been an eye-opener for me in several aspects.

First, the imagery these kids create just blow me away. My favorite one so far was one student who compared the sun to a ripe orange, squeezing out its sunlight. Seriously? How does someone come up with that? That is the most beautiful image I have ever read! I have started thinking of creative metaphors, though I have nowhere near the abilities these amazing students have. I'm hoping to develop this talent through hard work and dedication.

I've really wanted to find the different types of poems these students are submitting so that I can practice, and I found a list of them on the Poetic Power website. I've included the link on the right side of this blog entitled "Poetry exercises." There are many different types of poems. I plan to write a new poem daily...or at least weekly. If you click on the link, select the grade level. Next, under "Main Categories," select "Types of Poetry." A large list of different poetry types is offered, and after choosing your desired poem, you will be prompted to select a link. Choose "How to write..."

I really urge everyone with students in grades K-12 to practice writing poems, and submit them to the contest! There are 3 poetry contests yearly, and if the poem is written well enough, well, hello publication! Creative Communication does not publish every poem submitted, but it is easier than other agencies. I really wish I would have had this opportunity when I was a student. Getting a poem or essay published is an incredible opportunity for students to get their foot in the door to a future writing career!

Another way my eyes have been opened is the ability to push through pain. I have never been athletic. At all. My idea of running was just to the bathroom. Playing sports was never fun for me because not only did I lack self-confidence, but I hated the pain and exhaustion I felt when I ran too much. Now that I am 30 years old, I am almost embarrassed (although really surprised) that athletic people feel the same pain I felt! I always attributed my discomfort to disability. If only I had known that runners, swimmers, volleyball players, and everyone else who succeeded at sports also suffer burning pain in their muscles! The difference between them and me was their desire to persevere. They pushed past the pain and grew from it. I shirked from it. Feared it. I now am more willing to try new things because I know that I, too, can persevere!

My spirituality has also been affected by my job. I read these essays by students who express their faith in God, through daily prayer, trust, and love. I realized with shame that although I had always striven to keep close to God, the absolute chaos and exhaustion of motherhood had kept me from prayer, scripture study, and dedication.
My longing to get back to where I once was was sparked by these faithful students--regardless of their faith. I envied where they were in their lives, and longed to have that relationship with God that they enjoyed. Happiness comes from this, and nothing can replace it.

Being a poetry/essay judge has been the best thing for me. Not only does it give me the needed break from the insanity of home, but it has given me a drive to improve myself in many aspects of my life. Writing is inspiring. It not only benefits the writer, but the reader's eyes become open to knowledge they never could have dreamed. Writing is art, writing is expression, writing is power.


  1. Kim,

    I am so glad that your job is inspiring you to keep trying to develop your dreams and talents and that it is helping you so much. Children are great examples. We have so much to learn from their love of life, their innocence, their faith.....

    Keep persevering and working hard. Your dreams will become a realization. Way to go! We are happy for you.

  2. :) Thanks so much for your support--it really means a lot!

  3. Isn't it amazing how much our surroundings impact our relationship with Heavenly Father? I've noticed it's really easy to put scripture study and prayer on the back burner when life gets busy. It's far more difficult to devote the time to spiritual growth, which seems so intangible, when the tangible needs of our life are so stifling. It's definitely worth the time devoted to it, but hard to realize it in that moment.

    1. I'm so frustrated with myself, because I spent most of my life devoted to developing a strong relationship with Christ. I really wanted my future family to have that power in our home...and now that I'm finally a mom, just when it REALLY counts, I've neglected the very thing I worked so hard for. I'm so grateful that I got this job to slap me in my face and get me back on track!