Apr 18, 2012

I Am

This next poem's format was very difficult to get to since the link didn't seem to work. Here's how I got to it: After clicking on the Poetry Exercises link on the right of my blog, select grade (7-12), then "types of poetry." Go to Bio-poetry. Select "My bio-poem: a lesson of self-discovery." Next, scroll down the screen, and open the link that says "Handout 6." I used Example 2 for my formula for this poem, but feel free to explore other options. One thing I've learned: I can NOT write a poem on days I feel overwhelmed. Luckily, tonight was calm enough for me to gather my thoughts and jot some things down that were on my mind. Give this one a try, it's pretty fun!

I Am

I am a mother.
I wonder if I'm teaching my children how to live their lives to be great.
I hear their laughter and their tender "I love you's."
I see their eager eyes, their happy smiles, and the carefully distorted drawings they make for me.
I want to play, read, talk and laugh with them more.

I pretend that we have it all, and are in need of nothing.
I feel scared, weak, and inept at the challenges I daily face.
I touch their sweet soft cheeks, their rough, mud-caked hands, and their coarse, crumb-covered hair…and I love it.
I laugh when Daddy gets food thrown onto him by our one-year-old.
I cry when I leave for work and realize I forgot to kiss my children goodbye.

I say that I'm going to do better tomorrow, to stay calm, and to hold my boys more tenderly.
I ask for God's divine help with patience, kindness, and more understanding.
I understand that I won't be perfect, but I can give my children perfect love.
I try to give them a home they will want to return to every day.
I am a mother.


  1. Kim,

    What a great poem! I loved it. I relate a lot! I like your choice of who you are and the feelings you feel. Wonderful. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I think you are a wonderful Mom. I think as long as we are trying our best, no matter what shortcoming we may have, we are doing great. This poem will sum it all up for your kids one day. They will know how blessed they are for having a mother who loved them. Lucky Boys!

    1. Thanks, Sandy! You're so sweet, but honestly, I compare myself a lot to you based off of the incredible activities you do with your children. Thanks for being such a great example!

  2. Kim,

    You are sweet! I wish you lived closer and we could do lots of activities together. My kids would love that! Would be so fun!