Mar 16, 2012

Abcedarian Poem

This type of poem is written where either the verse or each word contains the alphabet in order. Here's my first attempt:

The Life of Art

Art breathes,
Capturing divine elegance
For generations...

Helplessly intoxicating...

Just keeping life's memories
Neatly on paper
Quietly retaining sanctity,
Truly understanding values
Wistfully x-panding
Your zest


  1. I love this poem. The kids and I just did and abecedarium in art where you write all the letters of the alphabet in an artistic way. I love that you are sharing what you are learning and encouraging others to give it a try and excercise themselves in different areas a little bit. I will definately have to have my kids try this one. I think they will enjoy it.

  2. Thanks, Sandy! What a fun project! They should definitely submit their poems to (and any others they do), and see if they get published! That would be so cool! :)