Mar 5, 2012

Creative Process Rethought

Life has been incredibly busy the past several months. Besides having a newborn, I also started working again...the first time in about five and a half years! The job I have is so perfect: I am a poetry/essay judge for school-aged children. Not only am I able to brush up on my editing skills, but I have had my eyes opened to what really makes a poem or essay wonderful.

Some of my favorite works by students have had incredible, unusual imagery, and it has taught me that frankly, my stuff can be kinda boring! What really makes writing fun and memorable are similes and metaphors that have a twist, such as, "The sun's burning heat forced my eyes shut, eyelashes kissing my cheeks." Another poem mentioned the moon that sails across the sky. Loved it! I really am drawn to creative metaphors, and I think it would be great exercises for me to work on.

With Mommy-brain going on high gear, I know that it's not going to be easy. Sleep, I'm sorry to say, is higher priority than writing. Although...I'll be honest and confess that it comes in second to binge eating after a rough day with an ornery 4-year old.

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