Mar 5, 2012

Where I Come From

At Creative Communication, we frequently receive poems that portray the lives we have lived. I've been dying to write one, so here goes:

I'm from kick-the-can and hide and seek
And moonlit talks with the neighborhood kids
From bike rides with my sister to the park
Sewing little white dolls in loose stitches
And permanent marker faces
I'm from a jar full of snails to have as friends
Only to release them into the street
From Saturdays picking raspberries and grapes
And drying apples all night long
I'm from camping in our backyard
And hiking up the mountains just blocks from my house
From oversized Bum Equipment T-shirts
And thick, greasy headbands
To getting my ears pierced
Only to see my crush wearing the same gold studs
I'm from waking up to the sounds and smells of Dad cutting the grass
To lying beneath our huge Sycamore during a windy night
I'm from a kid-filled neighborhood with my crush across the street
And my best friend just around the corner
I'm from early summertime walks before the sun came up
To trekking to Antelope Island on my bicycle
From "Ask the neighbors if we can put their leaves in our yard"
To "Don't play in the front yard; I want the snow to look nice!"
I'm from spying out the window
And sweating on my first date
Putting our cat to sleep
And moving away to college
I am from Centerville
A home I will never return to
With memories I will never forget.


  1. Kim,

    What a fun poem! It was nice to see all the things you did as a child. I almost felt like I could see it, and feel the wind beneath the sycamore tree. Fun read. Great job. Thanks for sharing. Now to pose a question? What will your kids write when they grow up? Always a fun thought. Keep playing! Life is short. I loved your kids art on the walls when we were visiting. You are a great mom!

    1. Thanks for the idea, Sandy! I think my next blog post will be about what the kids love doing!