Jan 14, 2013

Diamante Poetry

Back by popular demand, I decided to add more diamante poems.  This seems to be my most viewed post, so I figured maybe I should try my hand at a few more.

Diamante poems are pretty simple to write.  You choose a one word topic, and that becomes your first line. The last line of your poem is another one word topic, but one that is opposite of line 1.   Line 2 is two words to describe line 1.  Line 3 is three -ing verbs, and then there's line 4, which is a bit trickier.  There are four nouns:  the first two describe line 1, and the other two describe line 7.  Line 5 is three more -ing verbs, this time describing line 7, and line 6 is two adjectives, also describing line 7.

Adjective, adjective
Verb, verb, verb
Noun, noun, noun, noun
Verb, verb, verb
Adjective, adjective

Another type of diamante poems is where lines 1 and 7 are synonyms.  I will give an example of each type of diamante poem, to give you an idea. 

My other diamante poems

Antonym Diamante poetry

Cold, happy
Rolling, building, dressing
Hats, gloves, cone, candy
Melting, slipping, falling
Warm, sad
Ice cream cone

Synonym Diamante poetry

Best friend
Funny, kind
Laughing, whispering, sharing
Secrets, dreams, hopes, fears
Loyal, eternal


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