Dec 26, 2013

Burn Out

Sometimes I check my blog, just to see if a new post magically appeared.  It never does.  It's hard to find inspiration and time with things as crazy as they are.  I always wish that I could be one of those bloggers, faithfully posting away and inspiring many with their wit or life-changing insights.  However, I'm a mom to four very rowdy, loud, and very tiring boys, so it's hard to want to sit and write.  Maybe I'm not the writer I always dreamed I'd be, or maybe the timing just isn't right.  Either way, that story that I thought was finished ended up not being finished.  I read it again with a fresh perspective, and realized that it lacks a certain charm.  I think I've got an idea that will make it unique, based off of an idea I got from another book I read and fell in love with.  If time and sanity allow, I hope to revise my book, and add in some spice to make it better.  It's pretty shallow and bland right now as it is, and that's not something I'd feel proud of sending off to an agent.  It might be a couple of years before the end product is something I can be excited about.  Or at least a progress of some sort that I can be excited about.

I wish I had some insights to share, but the only thing weighing on my mind currently is the cheese ball I indulged in after wrestling the kids into bed.  And the fact that I have the next two days with my husband for his days off, and he'll get the pleasure of getting everyone down for the night.  Boy, it's tough being a mom, especially on nights like tonight.  Thank goodness I had that cheese ball to get me through it.

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