Aug 25, 2012

Mommy Lessons

Several things have been going through my brain lately that are Mommy-related (hmmm...I wonder why?). This post will just be random thoughts and observations about being a mom.
Why do I always bathe the baby, and THEN feed him?
Why do I bother giving my baby toys, when in reality, his favorite items to play with are my stray hairs that he finds on the carpet?
I don't need to vacuum since my 6 month old picks everything up anyway.
No one wants to play with my 4-year-old at the park, because he chases them and screams with
his angry pirate voice, trying to kill them with an imaginary sword. But when he chases them singing "Pretend, pretend! Pretend, pretend!" he suddenly has lots of friends.
As soon as the bathroom door shuts, all heck breaks loose with my children.
If I'm trying to sneak a cookie, my children ALWAYS come inside right as I'm about to take a bite.
If I'm dying for a nap, it's guaranteed that I won't get one.
If my child claims that there is a bat in the house...there probably is.
Time outs work really well if I play soft piano music on the CD player.
Family prayer and scriptures do WONDERS for the overall feeling in our home. There is less fighting, and I am less likely to lose my temper.
Every night, the boys watch a movie at 6:30pm. It's downtime that I need, and the 30 minutes is perfect length for my 2 year old to sit through.
Knots in kite strings are not impossible to undo. They are simply a series of misunderstandings.
My baby is not a messy eater. I am just a messy feeder.
After feeding the baby, ALWAYS wipe under his neck.
I love Luvs diapers, but they do an incredible job of masking poopy diapers (which technically isn't a bad thing, unless I let my poor baby sit in it too long).
When I hear "I'm going to tell Mommy!" I usually tune out the tattling.
I was given advice that I should act as if my baby is the last one I'm going to have. By enjoying each moment with him, I have enjoyed everything, even his adorable cry. It makes being a mom so wonderful.
As I was sitting outside holding the baby and the other boys were playing in the dirt, I began pondering how great life was, and how wonderful I had it. And then my 2-year-old surprised me by throwing a fistful of dirt right into the baby's face.


  1. Kimby! That last line was such a hilarious punch to the gut! I laughed out loud. Literally. I love how knots in kite strings are just a series of misunderstandings. I love how baby is not a messy eater, but that you're a messy feeder. I love the little anecdotes about my baby boys. I love those little monkies!!!!I love little 4 year old chasing kids around the playground. This was absolutely wonderful. I love you all so much.

  2. Sounds like us mom's all go through about the same things, just at different times. It is so fun. Sorry about the dirt in the babies face. That one is never fun. I am sure Caleb took it like a trooper though. Tell him to get used to it. I am sure it won't be the last time. Keep enjoying. It goes so fast.

    1. Caleb definitely is my toughest boy. With 3 older brothers, I guess he has to be! Yes, he was a trooper, and I, of course, freaked out. I guess it's my job. :)