May 1, 2012

Color Poems

Colors were never really much more to me than colors...until I started reading these color poems that students submitted. I love how these poems give meanings and feelings to colors...they make you think, bring you back to times you had forgotten, and let you smell things you love. These poems are fun and calming to write.

The Beauty of Green

Green is invigorating
Green is warm
Green is summer
Green is life spilling down from golden, sun-dipped trees
Green tastes like tangy limeade with strawberry chunks
Green smells like sweet grass mixed with gasoline
Green sounds like the early morning birds chirping merrily
Green feels like a whisper of a breeze and lush grass beneath my feet
Green looks like a day of fresh hope and endless possibilities
Green makes me confident, happy and free
Green is the sweetest gift God has put on this earth.

The Color of Autumn

Orange is fire, crisp autumn leaves and is brittle.
Orange is the taste of hot gooey orange rolls, pumpkin pie and warm apple cider.
Orange smells like nutmeg and cinnamon sticks.
Orange makes me anxious and excited for what is about to come.
Orange is the sound of howling wind and firewood popping.
Orange is my backyard at sunset.
Orange is roasting hotdogs and marshmallows in the cold, dark mountains.
Orange is crisp days that smell like fire and sweet apples.
Orange is autumn leaves, drifting down from the trees like velvet feathers.


Sagging rainclouds
A cold gate wrapped around a cemetery
Waking up from a bad dream…unsure of reality
This is black.
Long, jumping shadows
Root beer smoking with dry ice
The musty smell of a haunted house
These are black.
Black is the melancholy melody of an opera
The rickety rattling of an old roller coaster
And the lonely hooting of wide-eyed owls
Black is midnight
Black is fear
These are the things that are black.

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