Sep 23, 2011

How Do They Do It?

Writing has always been my passion. I love the feeling of creating a story, of immersing myself into someone else's life. But lately, I have been drowning in my own life. With three young children and a (surprise) fourth on the way, I have found myself completely exhausted to the point where writing feels like a chore. I once heard someone say that you are not a writer unless you write every day. Does this overwhelming stage of life mean I am no longer a writer? I know that in my heart, I will always be a writer, even if I am not one currently. Family will always come first. Always. My dear little sons, so full of energy and life, and a husband who is gone frequently with school, are my top priority, and with my current pregnancy, require all of my energy (so you can imagine the state of my house!). But I thought I would blog so the world knew that I was still alive over here.

I have been working on a one-page story for the last month, another near-death experience to add to my collection, but my mind has been otherwise engaged. I hope to have it posted soon. My friend, Stacy Carroll, a mother to two, somehow managed to complete and publish a story, "The Princess Sisters." How on earth did she do it? I find myself completely envious of her, wondering how she found the time and the energy. Sure, I feel inadequate sometimes, but then I look back on my life, and realize that I am living the dream I had since I was a young child. Someday, I, too will be published, and maybe, just maybe, someone might be wondering, "How on earth did she do it?"


  1. i don't know how you do it now with 3 kids. congrats on the 4th!! i have a hard enough time keeping my own life straight, i would not be able to do what you do. i'm serious. love ya kim!

  2. Haha! Thanks, Kera, I really appreciate that! You are too sweet. :) Love you!!